Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Symptoms of Illness in Infants

One of the common challenges among parents around the world is helping their infants cope with the various illnesses that are so much a part of their early years. In a society where vaccines are abundant and environmental conditions are far better than they were as little as a hundred years ago, these same maladies persist. Let’s face it – regardless of inoculations, most infants will contract one or more illnesses that seem to be intrinsic to childhood. If your infant should suddenly exhibit symptoms, you’ll need to recognize them and seek the necessary medical attention.

Here are some of the more common illnesses that may invade your infant’s health, complete with a list of symptoms and treatments. Symptoms and illness during the first 6 months of life are common occurrences and can be of major concern to the infants' mothers. Appropriate recognition of the symptoms, determination of severity, and proper treatment can substantially reduce illness and prevent some deaths.

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