Thursday, June 19, 2008

GoodBye Mr Walker

Most parents are very anxious about their kid’s milestones, and would like them to achieve walking, talking sitting etc. as soon as possible, even though there is no scientific basis for this.To this end many parents want to know if putting their child in a 'walker' will help make the child walk faster.I feel that there are a few disadvantages to using a walker and these must be kept in mind before the use of walker is decided upon.


Children using walker actually walk 'later'. This is because their inherent need to move quickly from on e place to another is satisfied by using a walker; also while in a walker a child is not really walking he/she is just sitting and cruising around. This leads to the use of calf muscles, rather than the hip muscles which are needed to walk, thereby delaying walking.Another issue with a walker is safety; a child in a walker is very likely to trip on even a small bump on the floor (like the edge a carpet, uneven floor etc.). Also fall from a staircase is likely to result in worse injuries if the child is in a walker.


The reason why most parents use a walker is to see the child move around and generally feel independent; children love it for the same reason;Another important feedback mothers give is that it helps them to do other household chores like cooking etc. because they know the child will not be sitting on the floor, putting various undesirable things in their mouth, catching a cold by sitting on the cold floor etc.All things considered my advice is that if you have not bought a walker... don't buy one. Consider buying a push-toy where the child stands with the support of the toy and pushes it, this is not only more physiological (natural) but also avoids the problems associated with the walker. If you have already bought one and your child is happy in it, let it be but be careful especially if you have stairs around the house. If you want to keep your child busy and safe while you are doing house work, consider buying a play pen wherein you can put all the toys so that the child can play and remain safe!

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