Thursday, February 21, 2008

Preventing/Healing Sore Nipples

Make sure your baby is sucking the right way. If the sucking hurts, your baby's mouth may not be positioned correctly.Let your nipples air dry between feedings. Let the milk dry on your nipples.Offer your baby the less sore of your two nipples first. Your baby's sucking may be less vigorous after the first few minutes.Change nursing positions.If possible, position any cracked or tender part of your breast at the corner of your baby's mouth, so that it gets less pressure during feeding.Wash your nipples daily with warm water. Don't use soap or lotion that may contain alcohol, which can dry the skin. Avoid bra pads lined with plastic.Express milk until your let-down reflex occurs. This will help make your milk more available so your baby sucks less hard.Breast feed often to prevent engorgement. Engorgement can make it hard for your baby to latch on.For more information on breastfeeding check charak clinic and get the medical consultation online at .

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