Thursday, February 21, 2008

Baby Botttle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is caused by prolonged contact with almost any liquid other than water. The condition can stem from putting your baby to bed with a bottle of formula, milk, juice, soda or other soft drink, or by allowing your baby to suck on a bottle for prolonged period, either while awake or asleep.Take these steps to help prevent decay, advises the American Academy of Pediatrics:Never put your child to bed with a bottle.Only give your baby a bottle during meals.Teach your child to drink from a cup/ sipper as soon as possible, usually by age one.Keep your baby's mouth cleanUse water and a soft child-sized toothbrush for daily cleaning once your child has seven to eight teeth.By the time your toddler is 2, you should be brushing his teeth once or twice a day, preferably after breakfast and before bedtime. Once you are sure your child will not swallow toothpaste, you should begin using one that contains fluoride.If You want any kind of medical consultation Online then visit here -

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